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  1. A candidate admitted into B.Ed. The course must maintain the ethos of commitment to this noble teaching profession.
  2. The candidate is expected to respect the college discipline and the rules framed for the purpose. This college is reputed for excellent teaching and strict discipline. It looks after proper maintenance of discipline and leaves no scope for ragging / other in-disciplinary activities within the college campus. Anybody found guilty of such activities will be punished from cancellation of admission to expulsion from the institution. An undertaking has to be signed by the student and his/her guardian assuring that they the candidate will not indulge in any kind of in disciplinary activities or behavior.
  3. The students should attend the college in complete uniform with a well-groomed personality.
  4. The students should bring the necessary writing materials required for the day.
  5. The students must attend the morning prayers daily and should never be late to the college.
  6. According to Ranchi University and NCTE norms, a trainee must attend 80% of all the theory classes(Course work) and 90% of all the practical classes (training work). However, it is hoped that the students give 100% attendance in practical training work and more than 90% of attendance in theoretical coursework, so that they build absolute confidence in themselves and in the training program.
  7. It may be noted that no permission for leave will be granted without a valid or genuine reason during the training programme. Prior permission is required from the Principal (or Professor in charge) under such circumstances.
  8. Every candidate shall have to undergo practice teaching and internship of five full months (20 weeks) ina cooperating school as “Teaching Practice and School Internship”.
  9. No other commitments, such as competitive examination, computer course, private tuition, otherUniversity Examinations should be undertaken during the regular college duration.
  10. Every student is expected to make the best use of the library and the laboratories.
  11. The students should not hesitate to seek help from the professors during training.
  12. If a candidate desires to drop out from the course before the commencement of classes, he/she will receive a refund of fee except application and admission fee. After the commencement of classes there will be no refund of any kind of fee.
  13. Every student must wholeheartedly participate in all the academic, cultural and sport activities of the college. They should always be ready to learn more and be proactive for innovative initiatives of the college.
  14. The students are expected to take proper care of the college property.
  15. Every student is a member of the GAVS society and RTC family.
  16. The students should not hesitate to contact the Class Teacher or the Principal for any academic issue.