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Founder of RTC B.Ed. College

Chairman : Shri Ram Tahal Choudhary (Hon. M.P., Ranchi)
President : Shri Pyare Lal Mahto
Secretary : Dr. Paras Nath Mahto
Director : Dr. R.N Mahto
Member : Shri Manesh Mahto


The College has a mission of enlightening the immediate environment and the society at large. It is stated as follows:

  • To develop a value system based on dignity, integrity, tolerance and self-worth through curricular and co-curricular activities
  • To upgrade competencies in teacher-trainees to meet the challenges of the new teaching- learning environments
  • To stimulate the academic environment to bring in qualitative changes
  • To apply Information and Communication Technology during teaching and learning
  • To undertake extension work, guidance and counseling, and personality development programmes
  • To upgrade the quality of learning through Research and Development, and other training programmes
  • To help the staff and students to be part of the process of National Development
  • To produce an environmentally literate citizenry


The vision of the College is stated as follows.

  • Develop competencies in the prospective teachers by adopting appropriate and effective teaching and training measures
  • Tap the resources for providing sufficient learning and teaching experience to the teacher trainees
  • Reorientation of the faculty to ignite the minds of the student teachers
  • Recognize education as a value building and nation building activity

Aims & Objectives of the institution

The primary aim of R.T.C. B.Ed. College is to produce qualified teachers with high caliber and commitment to teaching profession. It is striving to offer the training program emcompassing all the sphares of personality of the teachers with nationalistic ideals. RTC stands for Reactivating the Time Honored Character. However it also focuses on the following objectives:

  • To provide quality teacher training education to the masses
  • To empower the teacher trainees to shoulder the responsibility of being a teacher
  • To enable the teacher trainees to discover their talent and enhance them
  • To mould the character of the teacher trainees by inculcating discipline and the spirit of unity.
  • To transform the skill and knowledge of the teacher trainees as per the demand in the society
  • To accentuate the moral values and invigorate the cultural ethos among the teacher trainees.
  • To appreciate the privilege of being and Indian citizen.
  • To empower the teacher trainees to face the challenges of life.